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These have captured a niche in the market as a unique solution to high electricity bills associated with water heating. They are most economical in the provision of hot water at minimum or no cost. Solar hot water systems can save up to 70% of water heating bills.

Capacities Offered
Solar water heating, has become increasingly popular in the recent past. Using the sun to heat water is efficient, saves money, and reduces pollution. What is solar water heating?

It is the use of the free energy of the sun to heat your water. Components of a Solar water heating system

They are made up of two main parts;
  • Solar thermal collectors - Sunlight is absorbed by one or more solar collectors, which transfer the absorbed solar heat to water circulated through the collector(s).

  • Storage tank - It stores the heated water in the insulated tanks, keeping the water hot all day and night.
How does a solar water heater work?

Sunlight strikes the darkened surface of the solar collector panel; the visible and ultraviolet light (short wavelength) is converted into infrared radiation (long wavelength) through heat exchange. The glass panel above the collector surface along with other insulated materials traps the heat generated in what is essentially a miniature greenhouse. This heat is what warms the water.

Sunrays Hot Water systems have the following great qualities;
  • Run under pressure

  • High efficiency

  • Perfect heat insulation

  • Long life

  • Easy installation

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