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The charge controller or regulator is an important component of the PV system. At Sunrays we extend our knowledge of the charge controllers to our clients, given that the key to extending battery life in a solar system is to protect batteries from a complete discharge/overcharge. Our charge controller will ensure that overcharging and/or complete discharging is avoided by limiting the current flowing into the batteries.
Model Specifications
10 Amps
Rated charging current: 10A Max Charging current: 13A Rated load current: 10A System voltage: DC 12/24
20 Amps
Rated charging current: 20A Max charging current: 26A Rated load current: 20A System voltage: DC 12/24
30 Amps
Rated charging current : 30A Max charging current : 39A Rated load current : 30A System voltage: DC 12/24 V
40 Amps
Rated charging current:40A Max charging current:52A Rated load current:40A System voltage: DC 12/24V
  • C35
  • C40
  • C60

  • Features
  • Available in three models, the C35, C40, and C60, that can handle 35,40, and 60 amps of DC current.
  • Automatic overload protection in both active and passive modes.
  • PV array short circuit and reverse polarity protection.
  • Durable construction.
  • Microprocessor controlled.
  • As a Solar Charge Controller
  • When used as a solar charge controller, the C40 can control 12, 24, or 48 VDC array operations and the C35 and C60 can control 12 and 24 VDC array operation.

  • As a DC load controller

  • As a DC load controller, the C Series has a low voltage disconnect warning system and field adjustable set points that govern automatic low and high voltage disconnect.
  • Manual reset switch for emergency low voltage operation.

  • As a Diversion Load Controller

  • The C Series automatically directs extra power to a dedicated load such as an electric water heater and ensures batteries are never over-charged.

  • Outback MX60
    Rated charging current: 60A Max charging current: PV Array Voltage: 12,24, or 48V:

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