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We wish to introduce SUNRAYS SOLAR LTD as one of the leading renewable energy solutions providers in East Africa. We are located at Mbandu Complex, Langatta Road Opp Galleria Shopping Mall. We are committed to research and development of renewable energy technologies and in the provision of workable solutions to commercial institutions, NGOs, community organizations, as well as private establishments. Our team is composed of professional experts that are well trained and experienced in consultancy, design, and installation of renewable energy systems including: Read more »
PV Systems
With the increasing cost of fuel and electricity it is time you turn to our brilliant and cost effective PV lighting

Hot water Systems
Are your bills from water heating becoming too high? save upto 70 % of your electricity bills

Power Backup Systems
In this age where we depend on power most of the time, you cannot afford to have brown outs or complete power outages

Solar Water Pumping Systems
If you live in a location where there is no grid and you need water in your elevated storage tanks

Wind Energy Systems
Free and abundant wind? Why not harness it and power your lighting, TVs, computers, and other appliances with wind power

Lighting Systems
Whether you are on Safari, camping or even a rural setting or wherever you may be, enjoy free rechargeable lighting with our solar lanterns

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